Deep Sea Fishing in Florida

August 14, 2020

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You’ve probably heard Florida called the “Fishing Capital of the World” – and there’s good reason. The Sunshine State is a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Caribbean to the south, and Gulf of Mexico to the west; And all that water means a whole lot of opportunity for fishing. But the best kind of fishing in Florida? In our opinion: deep sea fishing.

Florida Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing basically means you’re fishing in waters around 100 feet deep. But depending on which side of the Sunshine State you’re on will determine how far it will take to reach those depths.

If you launch from Islamorada, Florida (also known as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World”), you can experience some of the best deep sea fishing found in what’s known as “The Hump”. The underwater mountain range stretches from Marathon Key to Islamorada and attracts a variety of species to feed and live. Anglers will head to the West Hump for a guaranteed catch.

From the Florida Keys to Jacksonville, anglers will have just a short boat ride to deep sea fishing adventures. This is because the Gulf Stream is just a few miles off the coast. Depending on where you launch, it could be as close as nine miles out, or it may take up to 20 miles. The Gulf Stream is a 40 to 50 mile wide current running through the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Iceland. It’s a river of fish swiftly moving north, each feeding on smaller fish or plankton along the way. This is a fantastic destination for your Florida deep sea fishing excursion.

Over on the west coast of the state, you have even more fishing to do! The Gulf of Mexico, however, is a different excursion entirely. The topography of the Gulf is very unique; it’s more shallow closer to the Florida coast, and you have to head much farther to reach depths over 100 feet. Again, it depends on where you’re launching your Gulf of Mexico deep sea adventure; but typically you’re cruising 40 miles to reach those 100 foot or more depths.

But that’s not to say you can’t do deep sea fishing within nine miles of the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the largest groupers and snappers are found close to the shore on deep sea fishing excursions. That’s what makes deep sea fishing so exciting in the Gulf of Mexico, you can stay in state waters and still experience some incredible fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Our favorite deep sea fishing charters can be found right here on These captains have the experience and know where to take your group to get a fish on the hook. Whether you’re looking for a bottom species like snapper or grouper, or a fast running pelagic like tuna or dolphin, here are just a few options for your next deep sea fishing adventure.

If you want to fish in the Sportfishing Capital of the World, head to Islamorada. There’s a reason this place wears the crown, the fishing is always phenomenal. And there are several seasoned captains in the area, so you really can’t go wrong in who you book with. For a premium trip that everyone will enjoy, check out Singing Reel Charters with Captain Tony. The 42ft Hatteras makes your fishing charter a trip of luxury!

For that Gulf Stream fishing experience, launch your charter anywhere along Florida’s East Coast. If you happen to be in South Florida, consider YB Normal with Captain Vinnie. He’s been fishing for over a decade and offers both day and night trips. Your family will have a great time fishing with one of the best; Captain Vinnie always gets his customers on the bite.

In SW Florida there are a ton of options to get out to your deep sea fishing excursion. Whether you go close to the shore or out a bit farther, you’re sure to see activity. Just let your Captain know what you’re looking to catch, and they can make it happen (as long as it’s in season). Captain Chris of Paradise Sport Fly Sportfishing runs two boats and can make either your offshore or inshore trip happen. He’s located in Sarasota and enjoys guiding customers to a fun day of deep sea fishing.

Those in the Florida Panhandle have several cities to choose from to start your deep sea fishing trip. Destin and Pensacola are two of our favorites. In Panama City check out Reel Deal Charters; They have two boats: “Deep Water” and “Short Fuse” which both offer deep sea fishing excursions. Your group can book either private or shared trips, and go to federal waters or state waters for an incredible fishing experience.

Booking a Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Florida

If you’re ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure, book your deep sea fishing trip today. Search the closest coastal city on, compare charters for price and amenities, and book with an experienced and professional captain. Remember to bring your camera and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

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