Fishing In Las Vegas

January 17, 2020

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

At least that’s what the famous marketing catchphrase says. That theme is based on one of the city’s popular nicknames, “Sin City,” but there’s a lot more to Vegas than that. Beyond the glamor, bright lights, entertainment of all kinds and great foods, there’s also fishing.

Fishing? Yes, fishing. Not right on the strip, but pretty close by. And if you are a fisherman or woman, you will probably be eager to share what happens in Vegas, because it’s probably a pretty good fishing story. When it comes to your fishing hotspots however, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to stick to the city’s catchphrase.

Another phrase you might hear in Vegas is “the house always wins.” Although this may ring true in the strip’s world-renowned casinos, this is not always the case in the region’s fisheries. In fact, the odds are in your favor that you’ll win big fishing in some of the areas’ many waters.

Lake Mead

There’s an easy way to beat the odds when you visit the 160,000 acre Lake Mead. For the first time angler, it is a little overwhelming. If you have the resources, it’s a good bet to pick up a guide to show you the ins and outs of angling here. After all, it is the largest reservoir in the United States.

Whether you are fishing its rocky shores and mega dropoffs, shallow or deep, any season of the year, you can find everything from bass, rainbow trout, bream, catfish and striped bass. The reason you may need help here is that fish often move as conditions change. And if you haven’t fished here before, you might have trouble telling whether you are in five feet of water or 500 feet — the depth some areas of this lake reach.

The big striped bass are probably the best draw here. They are numerous, can always be found near schools of shad, and grow up to 40-50 pounds.

The top spot for stripers is the five-mile long Vegas Bay as well as the Vegas Wash. However, the entire lower basin offers good action, especially in the summer.

You’ll also find that the Overton Arm of the lake is not only productive, but one of the most popular. Fishermen also list Walker Wash, Burro Point, Paint Pots, Box Car, and Swallow Cove as places most likely to produce.

Best fishing for stripers is early and late. Live baits are best for most fishing situations, but when the fish are schooling, they’ll hit anything that looks like a shad or baitfish.

Lake Mead is easy to get to, and there are abundant boat ramps just 30 minutes from Las Vegas. Obviously, facilities are not a problem since this lake is so close to a mega tourist area. There is everything from fancy hotels to simple campgrounds.

Some popular facilities include the Lake Mead Marina, Callville Bay Harbor. Temple Bar Marina, and Las Vegas Boat Harbor.

Fishing Near Las Vegas

And while it isn’t right in Vegas, you can make the short trip across the border into Arizona to fish the Topock Gorge.

It’s full of rainbow trout, striped bass, largemouth bass, crappie and bream. It’s another one of those places that provide a difficult time for anglers, though. It’s hard to take your eyes off the scenery in this mountain range of the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge to concentrate on fishing.

The fish also grow huge here, with striped bass over 50 pounds coming out of the area plus lots of 8-10 pound largemouth bass.

Bigger isn’t always better, though. And if it is an easy trip you are looking for at a low cost, there are several good bets, starting with the Sunset Park Pond, located right in Las Vegas. It’s only 14 acres, but has both largemouth bass and black crappie. Those fish sustain themselves and provide good action. But to make things better, the lake is stocked with  rainbow trout every week.

Lorenzi Park Pond is another good small option. It’s a bit noisy out that way sometimes, because the water is located near the airport. It’s small — covering only three acres, but is steadily filled with trout. It’s a great family trip, especially if you are looking for a short break from the bustle of the city.

There’s also another smaller choice that provides big opportunity. The Floyd Lamb Park contains four ponds, and has some huge fish. There are some 10 pound bass caught there, as well as 20 pound catfish. There are also plenty of trout.

Less than an hour away from Las Vegas, the Cold Creek Pond also offers good fishing. The area isn’t stocked regularly, but has good trout fishing and offers a backcountry view of the area. It’s a good bet to check with locals for the latest conditions before going.

The newest area pond is the Boulder City Pond, located at the Veteran’s Memorial Park. There are actually two ponds, but one is for boats only. Bass, crappie and trout are caught here.

Numerous locations along the Colorado River also offer great fishing, from easy bank fishing to areas that can be reached only by rafting or boating in.

Las Vegas Fishing

Take time away from the card tables and see a different kind of Las Vegas action! Whether you’re fishing Lake Mead or the nearby watering holes, you’re certain to have a great time bending rods.  Plan your Las Vegas fishing trip today with!

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