Top 10 Excuses To Go Fishing

September 29, 2020

Looking for a good reason to go fishing? Or do you need to convince yourself that it’s time for your next fishing trip? Some people don’t need an excuse, but sometimes it’s good to have one in your back pocket… just in case. Next time you’re looking to grab your gear and spend the day on the water, here are the excuses you can use to get you there:

10 Picking Up Some Medicine

We all know that fishing is the best medicine – so it’s not far from the truth. Some doctors will even prescribe a fly fishing trip for those who need a low-stress activity. The nutrients from eating fish is beneficial to your body, and the time spent on the water can do wonders for your mental health. And speaking of mental health…

9 Taking a Mental Health Day

Everyone needs a mental health day every once in a while. A change of scenery does the body good. You can leave the world’s troubles behind, even if it’s just for a day. These breaks in your rhythm and routine can have lasting benefits, if you stop and enjoy them. Fishing is the perfect activity for your mental health day, resulting in good physical and mental health if you’re doing it right. And if you’re doing it wrong? Well, take another day and try again.

8 Keeping the Kids Busy

This excuse depends on if you’re willing to take the kids with you, which can be worth it if you put in the work. We all know how busy life can be, especially for parents. Do your co-parent a favor and offer to take the kids out of the house. Of course, you’re doing yourself a favor by getting to spend some time on the water! If you have younger kids, here are some great tips to make the day a successful outing.

7 Helping the Environment

Fishermen and women are often the biggest supporters of the environment and wildlife protection. We have an understanding of what affects the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans, and how to best care for the environment. Your next fishing trip can be a field trip of sorts to check on the local wildlife. Or, if you’re able to harvest your catch, you truly are helping to maintain fisheries. Especially if what you’re catching is a predatory fish, such as walleye in the Midwest or peacock bass in South Florida. It’s a worthwhile excuse for a noble cause.

6 Research Project

This is one of our favorite excuses. You can use it for any type of fishing trip, even if it’s in your own backyard. It’s also a good excuse to buy a new rod, reel, or different lures. All in the name of research. Try going at different times of the day or different days of the week. Is the fishing as good on a Wednesday as it is on a Saturday? You’ll never know unless you try, all in the name of a research project.

5 Grabbing Dinner

It works because it’s true… most of the time. If you’re in an area or fishing a species that is catch-and-release only you can always go fishing then grab a quick meal on the way back home. But most of the time you’re able to keep your catch and take home fillets of fish. You can cook up fish tacos or grill your catch. There are several ways to prepare your fresh fish and enjoy a delicious dinner!

4 Working On Life Goals

We all know that fishing helps with a variety of self-care issues from self-esteem and confidence, to learning patience and perseverance. Plan part of your day to work on these issues by scheduling a fishing trip. Others will be impressed with your self awareness (we all have growth areas) and you’ll get a day on the water. Really it’s a win-win!

3 Networking

Fishing can be a great time to spend with current or potential clients and customers. Consider it a new out-of-the-box network opportunity. Some people may prefer the golf course, but our opinion is that any day on the water is better than hitting the links. It’s the same concept, spend time getting to know one another through sport. And who knows, you may find a new fishing buddy out of the venture.

2 Practice Makes Perfect

It’s the same thing we tell our kids: practice makes perfect. And we all know there is no perfect angler out there, no matter how much your buddies may brag. There’s always a bigger fish calling your name. Or try switching from live bait to artificials. How about a different technique? There are many different aspects to fishing, we’re sure you don’t have to think too long for an area that needs improvement. If you’re really serious about improving, hire a local guide to help teach you a few tricks of the trade.

1 Treat Yo’Self

Sometimes this is all the excuse you need. Thanks to the popular Parks and Rec saying, everybody is looking for an excuse to do that little something extra for yourself. Fishing is almost a no-brainer as that something extra that makes you feel better. Want to really treat yourself?! Travel somewhere new for your fishing adventure, like Alaska or Costa Rica. Search and book with to find a professional fishing charter perfect for your next adventure.

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