Top 3 Reasons to Take Your Teenager Fishing

June 16, 2020

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When you take young kids out for a day of fishing, they tend to get hooked on the sport (pun intended). They are usually very happy to be along for the ride and can soak everything up like sponges. We’re talking five to ten year-olds; these guys just get it.

But… if you wait too long and now have a pre-teen or teenager in your home, introducing them to a rod and reel will probably be met with some glares or angst (as is normal with any new activity for teenagers).

We want to encourage you to persevere and take your teenager fishing, even among the glares! It’s not too late to help them fall in love with one of the greatest hobbies ever. Why?! Because we all know that fishing brings character and relational development that is helpful throughout life. Let’s take a look:

Benefits of Teenagers Fishing

There have been studies and articles pointing out why fishing is beneficial to children and teenagers. A quick breakdown of these resources leads us to three benefits why taking your teenagers is good for them, you, and the world (not to be dramatic, but well-rounded people tend to lead to better communities).

3) Improvements in Self-Esteem

The first trip out is going to be a steep learning curve for any new angler. They’re looking at new equipment and learning new techniques. But as your teenager learns the ins and outs of the tackle box, how to spot the fish moving through the water, and what tools to use to land their fish, they are growing in confidence in their new skill.

And with a boost of confidence comes a boost of self-esteem. They’ll hold their heads up a bit more, knowing they have conquered the beast of the seas. Until, that is… they lose a fish. But every boost of confidence could use a dose of humility to balance it out. And with this balance comes a right-sized self-esteem for your kid.

2) Hands-On Experience in Perseverance

Every angler knows that there is no fishing without perseverance. Whether it’s waiting during a fishing trip for a bite, or waiting years for that trophy fish, waiting is part of the sport. And it’s a part of life. Perseverance transfers into hard work and determination which are essential in relationships and careers.

When you take your teenager fishing, they’ll get hands-on experience with what exactly it means to wait. Wait for the right conditions, wait for the tide to turn, or wait for the fish to find the line. There’s no short-cuts or computer hack to get to the finish line early. Because the finish line is the work you put in even before you land that trophy-sized fish. And there’s no classroom or computer program to teach this experience.

1) Real World Metaphors

Teenagers fishing for the first time will soon hear a lot of fish puns; heck, we even started this article off with one! But with those fish puns come so many real-life metaphors that it’s hard to count. Among the many lessons, teenage anglers can learn all about the art of patience, the heartbreak of loss, how to be self-reliant, and how to care for nature. And that’s just on the first fishing trip.

As your teenager goes fishing more, and grows into a well-rounded fisherman or woman, they’ll learn about being prepared for anything, being flexible with gear and circumstances, and that sometimes a bad day just happens. These are all real-world experiences too. And the sooner our kids learn this, the better they’ll be prepared for anything this world throws at them.

Fishing With Your Teenager

It’s not too late, get your teenager on a charter fishing adventure! We promise it will be worth any side-eyes sent your way. They’ll walk away with a hands-on, real-life experience that can’t be taken away. And it doesn’t need to be a one-time excursion. Buy a rod and reel, find a local watering hole and go fishing as often as you can. Or hire a local fishing guide to teach your family the area and maybe some tricks of the trade. can help you find a charter near you with a captain that works great with teenagers. Not only will your teenager have self-esteem and confidence, you can have some bonding time as a family. Not a bad day at all, if you ask us.

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