Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier

February 18, 2020

FL Space Coast

One of Florida’s best fishing grounds is without a doubt the Indian River, a waterway on the east side of the state. This area is commonly known as the Space Coast; and with nearby Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center housing rockets, space shuttles, astronauts, and scientists, it’s not hard to see why.

The Indian River is located between Merritt Island and Titusville, and is a favorite fishery to those looking to catch any number of inshore species. Here you’ll find tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, sheepshead, and so much more! Throughout the year you’ll find fishermen and women throughout the waterway, looking for that next trophy catch.

If you are in the Titusville area, you too can access the Indian River with the help of Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier. Titusville is a populous city on the mainland of Florida’s peninsula, just on the coast of the Indian River. Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier is located off A. Max Brewer Memorial Parkway, the road that crosses the river and connects the Merritt Island to the mainland.

Fishing Titusville Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier

Open seven days of the week from dawn till dusk, the Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier offers free admission to the public. While admission is free, a fishing license is required when fishing from the pier. Access the pier just off Max Brewer Parkway; it’s located on a 5-acre park and the pier runs parallel to the bridge. Depending on the time of day, the bridge can provide some shade to the pier.

The waters near the pier are relatively calm, creating a favorable spot for shrimping, crabbing, as well as casting. Shrimping is very popular at the pier; just drop a shrimp trap that has clear identification of your name and address, and you’re sure to bring home enough shrimp to have cocktails for days! There are some Florida shrimp regulations, so make sure to know how much you’re allowed to harvest before setting out.

With the shrimp around, you can bet that predators who enjoy feeding on shrimp are also lurking nearby. These include redfish and speckled trout, two highly sought after species in the Indian River. Sheepshead are also frequently found around the pier, feeding on the nearby oyster bars. Light tackle is all you will need when fishing from the pier, and don’t forget your net. As you reel your catch in closer to the pier’s pylons, the fish tend to make a run for shelter. This likely means that your line will rub against the rough surface of the pylon, which are commonly covered in barnacles. To prevent the heartbreak of a broken off catch, it’s recommended to bring a net that’s at least 8ft long. Before your prize is able to dart underneath the pier, you’ll have your net waiting in the water to cut off its escape route. And if your catch doesn’t meet the regulations needed to bring it home for dinner, the net won’t harm the fish allowing for a safe release. Keep in mind, no cast nets are allowed on the pier.

If you do happen to get skunked on the pier and walk away with an empty cooler, don’t worry. Pier 220 Seafood and Grill is located at the beginning of the pier and offers tasty meals so you don’t walk away hungry.

Visiting Titusville

While Titusville is part of the Space Coast, there’s so much more here than the space industry. Obviously fishing is one of them, but exploring the beautiful Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is a must for outdoor enthusiasts. Or check out the local shops in the downtown area. Titusville is full of unique opportunities for those looking for something different when visiting the Sunshine State.

Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier is one of those places unique to Titusville. Even if you don’t want to fish from the pier… you can always take a walk to enjoy the view of the river, or watch rocket launches here. It has front row seats to a spectacular show!

If you’re looking for more fishing opportunities in Titusville, consider hiring a local charter captain. They know the area, the fish available, and how to get you on the action. You can reserve your trip today with as little as 10% deposit. Whether you’re fishing from Veterans Memorial Pier, or a charter, Indian River fishing will not disappoint.

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