Book Your Next Adventure with Confidence

There's Nothing Like a Team Fishing Trip!

For those in the corporate world, hosting a special event is part of the job. is here to help you plan the next big thing, finalize a big deal, or celebrate a project well done. To get the most out of your corporate fishing event, let help plan it with you. Our team will help make your team look good!

Our Customer Service team is the best in the business and knows the local captains that can accommodate your trip. No matter where you are in the country, our team can work with local guides and charter companies to make sure your group is taken care of.

Details like group size and budget help our team customize your trip and set your group with a friendly and knowledgeable captain to get you on the fish.

Your first step to booking a corporate charter fishing event is to contact our Customer Service team at 833-446-3474. After that initial meeting, our team will continue to work with you so that you are satisfied with the trip from dock to dock. Every detail of the trip is considered, including the type of cookies you’d like onboard (if any). Having all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed shows your clients the type of attention to detail you bring to any deal or project. Let our team help your team look good!