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Bogue Sound, North Carolina

According to Google Maps, Bogue Sound is a “25-mile beachfront area [that] is celebrated for its water sports, fishing, boating & sunset views.” While this is absolutely true, this description leaves out the family fun and “Island Time” culture that comes with your visit to the area. Of all the possibilities for your North Carolina coastal vacation, anywhere near Bogue Sound is sure to be one filled with fun, sun, and a whole lot of fishing!

Bogue Sound is situated along the shore of North Carolina, just about smack-dab in the middle of the 300-mile coastline. It’s south of the Outer Banks in an area known as the “Crystal Coast”, which runs from Cape Fear to Cape Lookout. Protected from the Atlantic Ocean by the Bogue Banks barrier island, the waters of Bogue Sound are shallow and calm; perfect for a day of fishing.

Fishing Bogue Sound

Many anglers visit Bogue Sound because it’s known for having healthy fish in good numbers. Also, you can plan your visit during any season since the bite is consistent throughout the year. Temperatures and seasonality will determine what’s biting, but as long as you’re not picky about what’s at the end of the line, you’re sure to have a fun and successful day of fishing.

For new or young anglers, head to one of the bridges over the sound and fish for sheepshead. The oyster beds around bridge pilings are basically a grocery store for the black and white striped fish. They also have teeth to help them crunch on crustaceans such as crab and shrimp. Since sheepshead only grow to about five pounds and eat just about anything that comes their way, they are the perfect species to get you hooked on fishing!

Some anglers will also drop a few crab pots as they navigate to the fishing grounds. Crabbing in North Carolina is part of the fishing culture, and anglers can use the crabs either for bait in upcoming trips or for their own dinner. Let the crab pot sit for a few hours and you’re sure to bring home a bucket full of decapods.

When using crab as bait you can target a variety of Bogue Sound species. Redfish is one of those inshore species that like to feed on crab. A large-sized shrimp is also a successful bait when drifted along the current. Add some lead to drop the bait to the bottom of the sound during winter months when redfish are found in deeper waters. Or try rigging under a popping cork, a surface plug that essentially acts as a dinner bell to hungry redfish.

Other inshore species found throughout the sound include flounder, trout, mackerel, and cobia. While fishing make sure you watch out for other outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the waterway. It’s a busy place for boaters, paddleboarders, windsurfers, and kayakers. Bogue Sound is a popular place with lots of activity; anglers should time their visit to the golden hours of the day (sunrise or sunset) or head to the marshes for best results.

Visting Bogue Sound

The 25-mile sound has Morehead City and Atlantic Beach on one end, and Emerald Isle and Cape Carteret at the other. The south side of the sound is the barrier island with a stretch of beach and several hotels, restaurants and shops. Most of the property around Bogue Sound are private residences, but there are a few public parks that offer access to the fantastic fishing grounds.

Emerald Isle Park, Cedar Street Park, and Jaycee Park are just a few state parks that give anglers access to the sound. There are small piers that jut into the sound, or consider casting from the banks (as long as you’re on public property). Bogue Sound is also part of the Intracoastal Waterway, so those who are closer to Cape Lookout to the north or Hammocks Beach to the south can still access the system.

As part of the Intracoastal Waterway, Bogue Sound anglers can also access the other nearby systems. If you have a kayak, skiff, or flats boat, check out the marshes near Bear Island. Or anglers can head to the east side of the sound to Bogue Inlet, Harlowe Creek, and Onslow Bay. The inlet, in particular, offers fantastic fishing as the tide moves in and out throughout the day.

Book a Bogue Sound Fishing Trip

Make your way to Bogue Sound for some of the best fishing in North Carolina. Get hooked on fishing with a sheepshead fishing trip, or try your hand at redfish, flounder or trout. Plan for at least three hours of fishing, but of course more time will yield more fish. If you’re not sure when or where to fish, consider hiring a local Bogue Sound charter, the captain has years of experience and can teach you all the tricks of the trade. Get ready for a great day on the water when visiting this incredible fishery!