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Contact Us: 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474)
Contact Us: 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474)
Contact Us: 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474)

China Lake Fishing Charters

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Situated in Kennebec County in Maine, in the towns of China and Vassalboro, northeast of Augusta, China Lake has long been considered a well-kept secret among Maine fishermen. It’s only recently become popular among anglers from both the US and abroad to seize the lake’s superb fishing opportunities.

Come cast a line in the beautiful China Lake and reel in one of its top-quality aquatic residents. Gather your family and friends and plan a fishing adventure you will cherish forever.




Fishing in China Lake

With a surface area of 3,939 acres and a maximum depth of 85 feet, China Lake is ideal for avid and novice anglers alike. There is a wide range of fish to go after, along with a few exciting fishing tournaments in the region that you can be part of.

The main fish that drives anglers to China Lake is bass, specifically largemouth and smallmouth bass. But that’s not all you can reel in, as there is plenty of trout and perch swimming around as well.




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Best Season to Fish in China Lake

China Lake is perfect for fishing all year round. It doesn’t matter when you book your fishing trip, because the lake’s fish are ready to bite at any time of year. So, head up to China Lake at whatever time is convenient for you!

What are you waiting for? Book a China Lake fishing charter with FishAnywhere today!



Popular Fishing in China Lake

If you plan on heading to China Lake for fishing, be sure to hone your fly fishing, spinning, trolling, and jigging skills. Those are the most popular fishing techniques that anglers use when fishing in China Lake.

Don’t worry about not catching anything if you’re not familiar with these fishing methods, because that’s why we’re here. Our fishing guides will show you how it’s done, and they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to help you best reel in the prize catches of this lake.



The Fish of China Lake

As you already know, China Lake is a thriving bass fishery. You have an opportunity to reel in both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, but you can also reel in lots of brown bullhead and chain pickerel. But that’s not all! The lake has an abundance of yellow perch and white perch, as well as plenty of brook trout and brown trout.

Book your China Lake fishing charter today and head to this amazing lake anytime you want!



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Smallmouth Bass
White Perch
White Perch
Brown Trout
Brook Trout
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Available Fishing Charter Trips in China Lake

FishAnywhere provides a wide variety of fishing charters across the United States. Most of our fishing charters are private, so they’re perfect for families and small groups of friends. Give us a call and we’ll connect you with the best China Lake fishing charter you can imagine.

Contact FishAnywhere today, book one of our China Lake fishing charters, and get ready to embark on a fishing experience you’ll never forget!



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