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Contact Us: 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474)
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Coosa River Fishing Charters

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The rivers of Alabama present a great number of fishing opportunities, which is why they consistently attract hundreds of anglers from all over the globe.

The Coosa River is an excellent spot for catching plenty of different types of fish. Forming in the city of Rome in Georgia and entering Alabama at Weiss Lake, the Coosa takes a 255-mile journey through Alabama before meeting the Tallapoosa River to form the Alabama River.

If you’re looking for an angling adventure of a lifetime, the Coosa River is definitely your best bet.


Fishing in the Coosa River

About 280 miles long, the Coosa River is one of the largest rivers in Alabama. It is most famous for crappie, as well as largemouth and striped bass, but its aquatic fauna is extremely diverse.

The river has six dam impoundments that form the following lakes: Weiss Lake, Neely Henry Lake, Logan Martin Lake, Lay Lake, Mitchell Lake, and Lake Jordan. Weiss Lake and Jordan Lake are some of the best spots for spotted bass in the whole of Alabama, and some of the lakes have diversion canals that create ideal opportunities for small-water fishing.


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Best Season to Fish in the Coosa River

If you want to try and get some crappie, bass or catfish of the Coosa River on your line, there are a few months that you have a greater chance of reeling in one of these catches. February and March are the ideal months for fishing in the Coosa River.

If you’re ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure, contact FishAnywhere and book one of the available Coosa River fishing charters. You will be thrilled!


Popular Fishing in the Coosa River

Anglers taking fishing trips in the Coosa River usually use wading, spinning, and fly fishing to try and reel in the river’s beautiful fish. The latter two fishing techniques are not commonly used among angling beginners, but don’t worry. If you take a Coosa River fishing trip with a fishing guide or charter captain, they will show you how it’s done and turn your trip into an outstanding experience.


The Fish of the Coosa River

The Coosa River’s aquatic fauna is extremely diverse, and you can easily catch several types of bass and catfish, as well as bream and, of course, its famous crappie. When it comes to bass, the coosa is home to largemouth bass, white bass, striped bass, and spotted bass. In regard to catfish, there are blue catfish, flathead catfish, and channel catfish.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to catch some of these wonderful fish species! Take a Coosa River fishing trip and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. Choose a Coosa River fishing charter at FishAnywhere and head on to one of the best fishing locations in Alabama!


Blue Catfish
White Bass
Striped Bass
Spotted Bass
Largemouth Bass
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Available Fishing Charter Trips in the Coosa River

If you’re interested in fishing in the Coosa River and getting its impressive fish species to bite, you’ve come to the right place. FishAnywhere can connect you with some of the top Coosa River fishing charters in the U.S.

Hurry up and reserve your spot in our Coosa River fishing charters! Contact us today and book your fishing trip!


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