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Kobuk River is located in northwestern Alaska in the Arctic region. In Inuit language, Kobuk means “big river”. The name fits because this river is over 200 miles long. It goes through low rolling mountains, lowlands, plains, and sloped plateaus. The scenery that makes fishing on this river even more memorable experience.

Since it is located in the Arctic region of Alaska, planning a fishing expedition requires some time and effort. Let FishAnywhere worry about that. Our most experienced fishing guides will help you go on an amazing fishing adventure and catch fish you didn’t have the opportunity to catch before in your lifetime.


Fishing in Kobuk River

Fishing in Kobuk River is a one in a lifetime chance to experience something completely new. Fishing in the river’s upper reaches is especially rewarding. If you haven’t had the chance to fish in a river located in the Arctic region before, you will be amazed by the number of fishing opportunities.

Our knowledgeable fishing guides and charter captains will take you to the best secret spots for a chance to reel in a rare catch. The most prize-worthy adult fish are located in the waters north of the Arctic Circle. These waters are some of the most adventurous in the world.


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Best Season to Fish in Kobuk River

Since the Kobuk River is located in the Arctic region of Alaska the time window for fishing expeditions is short. You will have to plan your trip so that you can fish in this river during July, August, or September.

Weather during these months is great for fishing, and the fish of Kobuk River start to become active during summer. Activity spikes as autumn approaches.

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Popular Fishing in Kobuk River

Fishing in Kobuk River is more attractive to avid anglers who are tired of fishing in subarctic rivers, catching the same fish all over again, and practicing the same techniques. If you decide to embark on an Arctic adventure, you will be able to catch fish with fly fishing, spinning, and wading techniques.


The Fish of Kobuk River

The fish variety living in the Kobuk River is plentiful. This river is home to arctic grayling, lake trout, arctic char, chum salmon, and northern pike. Many anglers pick this river as their fishing destination because of the sheefish, which is definitely the river’s true prize.

Sheefish are cousins of salmon but they can grow over a yard long. They are extremely strong and fast, and on many occasions, they’ve ripped a rod from the hands of the most avid anglers fishing on this river.

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Lake Trout
Chum Salmon
Northern Pike
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FishAnywhere delivers the greatest Kobuk River fishing charters. Browse through our Kobuk River fishing charters to identify the charter that reflects your needs and preferences. Our knowledgeable fishing guides and charter captains will be by your side and guide you on your majestic Arctic adventure.

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