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Contact Us: 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474)
Contact Us: 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474)
Contact Us: 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474)

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Charters

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Lake Okeechobee is not only the largest lake in the state of Florida but also a beautiful fishing destination. It’s no wonder then that this enormous lake boasts some of the largest fish specimens in the country – whether you’re fishing for bass, bluegill, or crappie, this is the place to be. Come for an extended weekend to catch fish, bask in the sun, and enjoy all of the lake’s wonders.

Oh, and bring your family and friends along! Hop aboard one of our FishAnywhere Lake Okeechobee fishing charters and embark on a fishing adventure to remember for the rest of your life.




Fishing the Lake Okeechobee

A long time ago, the Seminole Indians named this lake “Okeechobee”, which means the “Big Water”. Boasting a 730-square-mile big surface area, Florida’s largest body of water is more than deserving of its flattering name. It also has one of the most unique ecosystems in North America, which naturally makes it a fishing heaven that’s visited among professional and casual anglers alike.

Needless to say, fishing Lake Okeechobee is an adventure of epic proportions.



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Best Season to Fish the Lake Okeechobee

The peak fishing season on Lake Okeechobee coincides with the pleasant months of April, May, and June. Sail away on one of our Lake Okeechobee fishing charters and spend a day basking in the gentle Florida sun – we guarantee you won’t go home emptyhanded.



Popular Fishing on Lake Okeechobee

The best thing about Lake Okeechobee is you’re sure to reel in keepers regardless of how skilled and experienced you are. With some help from our FishAnywhere fishing guides and charter captains, fishing Lake Okeechobee is an opportunity to master the crafts of spinning, fly fishing, jigging, and trolling. Though these are the most used fishing techniques on Lake Okeechobee, feel free to cast a line however you deem fit



The Fish of the Lake Okeechobee

On Lake Okeechobee, you’ll be able to catch much more than what you were hoping for. This is because of this lake’s diverse ecosystem. From monster largemouth bass, bluegill, and black crappie to huge redear sunfish and channel catfish, all the fish of the Lake Okeechobee are there for the taking.



Largemouth Bass
Channel Catfish
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Available Fishing Charter Trips on the Lake Okeechobee

The defining trait of the Lake Okeechobee is, as we’ve mentioned time and time again, its surprising size and incredible diversity. If you are a rookie beginner, this multitude of fishing options might be a bit tricky to navigate through. No worries, since our professional FishAnywhere Lake Okeechobee fishing guides are there to help. Hop aboard and cast a line with professional fishing guides and charter captains.

Check out our Lake Okeechobee fishing charters from our team of licensed fishing captains today!


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