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Lake Perris is a younger artificial lake in southern California, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer! It was completed in 1973 and is surrounded by Lake Perris State Recreation Area. So, if you plan on bringing your entire family to this fishing adventure, this lake offers everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Thanks to the California Aqueduct, the shrimp from the San Francisco Bay arrive at the lake. And we all know that game fish like to eat shrimp. Not to mention that the lake is stocked with Alabama spotted bass. Lake Perris fishing charters will help you immerse yourself in the Lake Perris experience.

Fishing in Lake Perris

Lake Perris is very rich when it comes to fishing locations and opportunities. If you choose to embark  on a Lake Perris fishing charter you’ll be able to cover all the beautiful spots Lake Perris has to offer.

Fishing around the dam is very rewarding. The east end of the lake also offers a few great fishing locations. Fishing around Alessandro Island or in the marshy areas also delivers great results. If you’re fishing in Lake Perris for the first time, our fishing guide will help you find the best spots.

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Best Season to Fish in Lake Perris

Even less-experienced fishermen know that fish activity varies throughout the year. When it comes to fishing in Lake Perris, the best season to do it starts in February and ends in June. The fish of Lake Perris are very active during these few months and if you book a Lake Perris fishing charter in this period of time, you’ll be in for a treat.

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Popular Fishing in Lake Perris

Fishing in Lake Perris is not only fun because you can fish a lot of different fish species. Here you can catch a prize by practicing several fishing techniques. While spinning and trolling are very popular here, fly fishing and jigging are also viable. Don’t worry if you have no experience in using any of these techniques. Our guides will help you master any of them and catch a prize in no time.

The Fish of Lake Perris

Thanks to artificial stocking and the shrimp arriving via the California Aqueduct, Lake Perris is full of a lot of different fish species. If you cast a line in this lake, you will be able to catch largemouth bass, spotted bass, rainbow trout, channel catfish, bluegill, crappie carp, and striped bass.

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Largemouth Bass
Spotted Bass
Channel Catfish
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
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Available Fishing Charter Trips in Lake Perris

In our efforts to bring you more fishing destinations, FishAnywhere connects you to countless Lake Perris fishing charters. This lake is a magnificent fishing destination for both novice and avid anglers. Thanks to its beautiful surrounding nature and endless supply of activities, this lake is a great place for the whole family.

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