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Morehead City, North Carolina

Morehead City is a waterfront town located in Carteret County on North Carolina’s Atlantic coast. This positioning has played a key role throughout the town’s history, and still carries its oceanic influence in contemporary living. Morehead City is a premier angling destination, home to the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament as well as the North Carolina Seafood Festival. The downtown area hosts a variety of local shops and restaurants, adding to the city’s charming appeal.

A trip to Morehead City provides an opportunity to participate in a number of activities, from strolling through the quaint downtown streets to trying your hand at axe throwing. Of course the water activities are aplenty as well, with ferries and fishing charters that can get you more immersed in the town’s maritime culture. Speaking of fishing, here’s what to expect.

Morehead City Inshore Fishing

Anglers fishing the inshore waters in Morehead City will have an opportunity to catch some of the region’s most desirable inshore species; spotted seatrout, flounder, and red drum. All would make for a great trip (and great table fare), however the red drum is typically the most sought after, and is in fact the North Carolina state fish.

North Carolina has a longstanding history with red drum, with the world record all tackle red caught off of Hatteras. Fishing for red drum is good year round in this region, however there are two particular times each year that bring schools so dense, anglers from around the state flock to the coast to capitalize. These two times would be in the late spring and early fall. Red drum are stubborn fighters, with larger fish making multiple runs before allowing themselves to be taken boatside

Fishing the bays and marshes give anglers a chance at plentiful, smaller reds. The larger specimens are off the beaches in the surf, or at nearshore structures and reefs. Part of the appeal of these fish are their willingness to strike a variety of baits and lures. Spoons and soft baits on a jighead are among the most popular lures, but reds can be caught on everything from topwater plugs to swimbaits. The largest red drum will often be caught on natural bait. A large chunk of fresh dead mullet works well.

Trout and flounder, although not as large or strong as red drum, are targeted for their abundance and food quality. Trout are very aggressive, ferociously striking artificials. Like the red drum, trout will hit a variety of lures, however a suspending twitchbait is regarded among the most popular.

Flounder are a flatfish, meaning their body is flat and wide instead of tall. They have both eyes on one side of their body, and their mouth essentially opens side to side instead of up and down. Flounder use their shape to their advantage, lying in wait for prey to drift by. As such, anglers typically do well using a shrimp on a jighead bounced along the bottom. Due to the physical construction of the flounder’s mouth, smaller hooks are sometimes preferred to avoid missing a hookup.

Morehead City Offshore Fishing

Although the inshore fishing is fantastic, the offshore fishing is what puts Morehead City on the angling map. The North Carolina coast’s proximity to the Gulf Stream makes this area a renowned international sport fishing destination. The Gulf Stream is a warm water current originating in the Gulf of Mexico, hence its name. The current carries nutrients, baitfish, and grass mats around Florida and up the east coast of the United States. With these nutrients, baitfish, and grass comes big predators.

The blue marlin is the most recognized and revered species swimming in these waters. Immortalized in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, the blue marlin is practically an internationally recognized symbol of offshore sport fishing and adventure. Morehead City is home to The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, among the oldest and largest tournaments in the country at over 60 years running.

Blue marlin can grow to be large. Very large. In fact, the 2019 Big Rock tournament saw the biggest catch it has ever recorded, a 914 pound blue marlin that took two anglers six hours to reel in. Marlin over 1,000 pounds have been caught over the years as well. Blue marlin are often caught trolling with rigs baited with ballyhoo. Landing a big marlin is an “all hands on deck” effort, with the angler furiously reeling to recover line while the captain backs down the boat towards the fish. There are a number of lifelong angler fishing charter captains in Morehead City that can help you land the fish of a lifetime.

Booking a Morehead City Fishing Charter

Whether you are looking to catch a massive red drum off the coast, or battle a bucket list blue marlin in the Gulf Stream, Morehead City is the perfect east coast destination. Search available Morehead City charter captains, and reserve your trip today with a deposit, only on!