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New River, North Carolina

The New River in North Carolina isn’t really new. It’s one of the oldest rivers in the world, according to some experts. And for the most part, it isn’t all a river. It starts out that way, but then turns into a series of lake-like bays and sounds, eventually working it’s way all the way through brackish marsh to the Atlantic Ocean.

Perhaps a better name for the 50-mile long water body might be Unique River. But whether it is a small river-like part of New River or the wide body bays, one thing pretty well remains consistent: Good Fishing. And lots of variety. More variety than most bodies of water anywhere.The river starts out with trout and cold-water stream fish to the north, holding all kinds of gamefish like bass, stripers, crappie and the like along the way. And then near the Atlantic, the brackish waters hold speckled trout, flounder, redfish and other saltwater species that migrate up into the estuary.

The New River starts out as a small stream north of Richland and even has rapids for float trips and canoe trips. It runs down to just north of Jacksonville, where it opens up into a wider river, then a lake-like area above Hwy. 258. It meanders in wide-body fashion down all the way to Camp LeJeune and eventually to a series of marshes, canals, cuts and lakes and into the Atlantic at an area known as New River Inlet just north of Topsail Beach. At the wide points, it is three to four miles wide.

Besides the fishing, one of the highlights of the river system is the New River State Park near West Jefferson. The 2,000 acre park is a showplace for outdoor activity and family fun.

Fishing New River

So how do you go about fishing this waterbody? Well, that depends on what part you want to visit and what you want to fish for. The New River is actually two smaller rivers, the 43 mile long North Fork New River and the 72-mile long South Fork New River. In North Carolina, it is unique in that it often flows north in some places. In the northern river, there are muskie, black crappie, channel catfish, perch and bass. You can take a fly fishing trip for smallmouths and even catch trout.

Smallmouth fishing is among the most popular pursuits. One reason is that topwater fishing is a top technique with poppers and splashing pugs. Fish seem to almost always like them, although sometimes fish like the baits fished noisily and at other times, anglers try a more quiet presentation.

On the southern end, there are a mix of fresh and saltwater species. Near the Stones Bay area close to the Atlantic, you can even catch grouper, flounder, Mahi Mahi, redfish, black seabass and speckled trout.

Fishermen who travel long stretches can report catches of bass, crappie, flounder and redfish on the same trip. The river itself, except for a few far-reaching rapids in the beginnings of the river, is placid and peaceful. The scenery along the river is amazing and it is one of the least industrialized and inhabited rivers in the lower United States.

One of the highlights of  the river is the New River State Park. It provides great access to the river and spots for camping, canoeing, picnicking and fishing. The New River Gorge is also a scenic place to visit and is a top spot for water recreation. If you can watch your step, there are several spots where visitors can look along the edge of the gorge and see all the way down the river for miles.

Towards the ocean end of the river, there are not many facilities, but the area is an easy boat ride from many of the communities and beach towns of the North Carolina coast. One word of caution here, and this is where a guide can help. The inlet exit to the ocean is regularly dredged and is often muddy. Man-made activity has also changed the flow of the area, so the island area is changing.

New River Fishing Trips

Taking on a diverse waterway like New River with its wide-ranging structure and species can be a daunting task if you aren’t familiar with it. But fortunately, there are a good selection of guides in the area from one end of the waterbody to the other. From canoe trips and searching for trout on the north end to bass in the middle or saltwater species near the Atlantic, there are pros out there who can help you. Why not book a charter or guide through FishAnywhere and ensure yourself a productive and safe trip. These experts can do all the work and let you have all the fun. In fact, if you can stay longer, book for more than one day. It’ll make for memories that you won’t forget.