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FishAnywhere connects you to a wide variety of O’Neill Forebay fishing charters. The surrounding nature and more than 14 miles of shoreline make some of the most captivating fishing spots and opportunities.

At first sight, one might think that this calm California lake has nothing to offer to fishermen. But below the still surface, the wildlife is very much active. O’Neill Forebay is regarded as one of the rare land locked locations where you can fish large striped Bass. If you are a conventional angler or would like to perfect your fly-fishing technique – O’Neill Forebay is definitely worth your time.


Fishing in O’Neill Forebay

There are many fishing locations in O’Neill Forebay. The abundant population of fish allows for a large variety of fishing techniques so there’s something for everyone.

FishAnywhere will provide you with a fishing guide or charter captain with experience in fishing in these waters. We know how hard it can be to locate proper fishing spots and this is why we want to give you all the help that we can.


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Best Season to Fish in O’Neill Forebay

Thanks to diverse fish life and excellent climate conditions, fishing in O’Neill Forebay is rewarding year-round. Whether you decide to fish in winter or summer, O’Neill Forebay is there, waiting for you.

There are no season restrictions here whatsoever. Find a fishing trip in O’Neill Forebay today!


Popular Fishing in O’Neill Forebay

Fishing in O’Neill Forebay is quite exciting. You will be able to catch fish by using techniques ranging from spinning and fly fishing to trolling and jigging. Trolling parallel to the dam is a very rewarding and thrilling experience.

Due to the underwater currents, some fishing techniques might not work as well as others. This is why a knowledgeable fishing guide will accompany you on your fishing adventures. You will get everything you need to catch the prize of a lifetime

The Fish of O’Neill Forebay

The life under the surface of O’Neill Forebay is quite diverse. If you decide to cast a line in this lake, you will be able to catch: striped bass, blue catfish, black bass, crappie, brown bullhead, rainbow trout, carp, largemouth bass, and spotted bass.

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Striped Bass
Blue Catfish
Black Bass
Largemouth Bass
Spotted Bass
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Available Fishing Charter Trips in O’Neill Forebay

Here at FishAnywhere, we want to allow everyone to experience this unique fishing destination. We provide multiple fishing charter trips in O’Neill Forebay available to anyone who enjoys fishing at lakes. Our licensed fishing guide will accompany you on your adventure and provide you with help, should you need it.

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