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Pawleys Island Fishing Charters

Kick your shoes off when visiting Pawleys Island, South Carolina. You’ll find that the town has that laid back, carefree kind of vibe when you’re here. There’s not a care in the world, except maybe when you’re going fishing again!

Fishing is just one opportunity for those visiting the island. You can also explore the historical district and see a dozen homes still standing from the 1800s. Or enjoy the outdoor adventures of the area, including golfing, bird-watching, kayaking, and did we mention fishing?!

Real talk: fishing is one of the best features of Pawleys Island. That’s because the town is located on a strip of land that has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and winding creeks and marshes on the other. Any direction you choose there’s opportunity for getting the line wet. The biggest decision is where to fish.

Fishing Pawleys Island

The cooler months of spring and fall are the best times to fish the inshore waters of Pawleys Island. The nearby creeks are a maze of waterways filled with speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. Trout in particular is very common in this part of the Palmetto State, making it a favorite for anglers of all ages.

Speckled trout are long silver fish with black spots along the back. Anglers will use a variety of tackle to catch, including top water plugs, popping corks, cut or live shrimp, and artificials. Others will go fly fishing for trout, using a variety of patterns including nymphs, spinners, beetles, and worms to name a few. It’s encouraged to practice catch-and-release with trout to maintain a healthy population.

During the winter anglers also target black drum and red drum (also known as redfish). While these two are both part of the drum family, they couldn’t be more different. Black drum are not aggressive, and passively wait in the tidal currents for food to be swept their way. Red drum, on the other hand, will aggressively go after food, and even have their backs and tails breach the water’s surface in their attempts.

Fly fishermen and women enjoy targeting redfish, “tailing” them throughout the shallows. Tailing is a technique that is basically sight fishing, keeping your eyes focused on the top of the water looking for the backs and tails of redfish. If fly fishing in the winter, keep near the shallow creeks and bays; during summer and fall you can find them in the deep tidal currents (again, looking for food).

During the summer anglers will turn their focus from trout and redfish to the silver king, or tarpon. Late June to early September is the best time to target tarpon, and they are found throughout the shallow waters around Pawleys Island. Whether you’re fly fishing or have conventional rods, tarpon fishing is a favorite in this area when the timing is right.

When you’re not fishing the nearby creeks, there’s also the option of the bountiful Atlantic Ocean. Don’t worry if you don’t have a boat, you can either fish from the Pawleys Pier or the surf, or hire a local guide and go out in a boat. Pawleys Island Pier is located off Myrtle Avenue near the Pawleys Island Nature Park. There are actually several piers in the area, each a fantastic place for your family to grab a few poles, a net and cooler, and enjoy the day together.

Pawleys Island Offshore Fishing

Going offshore is an adventure all on its own! No prior experience is required to head out to the deeper waters of the Atlantic Ocean; your Pawleys Island charter captain will have everything you need and greatly increases your success rate.

If your group stays within nine miles of the coast, you’re sure to see those redfish, trout, and flounder species, along with some cobia, mackerel, and even blacktip or bonnethead sharks. For deep sea charters, your captain will head anywhere from 20 to even 60 miles offshore and target the monster-sized species. These include tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, and more! To get this far out does take longer travel time, but the adrenaline rush is worth the wait.

Techniques used on offshore charters can vary, depending on the species. Reef dwellers can be caught by trolling, jigging, or bottom fishing. These include snappers and groupers that live near natural and artificial reefs near Pawleys Island. Tuna, mahi mahi, and other pelagic species are typically caught by trolling, kite fishing, or casting. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with these techniques, your Pawleys Island charter captain and first mate will take care of the particulars. You just get to worry about reeling in your trophy!

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Pawleys Island is a fishing town like none other. Whether you fish the nearby creeks, local piers, or inshore/offshore waters, you’re sure to have a great day with your family. Come, relax, and enjoy the low-key vibe of Pawleys Island. Find a local charter today with and get your adventure started; it’s just a click away.