A Family Fun Fishing Trip

Posted December 21, 2019

At Gale Force Fishing in Pompano Beach Florida we love to take out first time anglers deep sea fishing! It’s always a special treat and privilege to show families and kids how fun offshore fishing can be! Our anglers, Virginia, John, Lola (7 years old) and Sophia (9 years old) had never been offshore fishing but already loved to fish! We began our trip dropping chicken rigs to the bottom using squid for bait and Lola caught a giant blue runner; blue runners are a common bait fish up here and give a really hard fight. We hopped from wreck to wreck dropping chicken rigs and bottom rigs down using dead and live bait. We also put flat lines out with live bait in hopes of a bigger fish. With a goggle eye out on a flat line the rod doubled over and Sophia ran over and picked up the rod. She was able to catch her first shark which everyone was thrilled about! We also caught some yellowtail snapper, kingfish, grouper and more on the wrecks bottom fishing! John and Virginia assisted their kids but also enjoyed fishing themselves. John caught a giant barracuda on a live bait and Sophia found a small remora on the deck from the cuda. The bottom fishing is a lot of fun and full of action out of Lighthouse Point Florida. Here at Gale Force Fishing we love offering Family Fun Fishing Trips and welcome all ages!

If you’re looking to do some deep sea fishing in the Pompano Beach area give Gale Force Fishing a call and we will be happy to put you on the fish for some Family Fun Fishing!

Captain Emily Gale and Captain Amanda Gale

This Trip's Catch

King Mackerel