Ask and you shall receive!

Posted January 13, 2019

Yesterday I had the privilege to take Mike Deubel from New Jersey fishing. He told me he has never caught a trout, redfish, or a snook before, and he want to catch a SLAM! I told him of my game plan and we put it to action. The game plan was to outskirt the mangrove shoreline while the tide was high looking for redfish, and then we would make our way into the creek for snook and trout. We started working and in just a short time we found some fish but were interrupted by duck hunters on the shoreline and had to push pass them. Needless to say that was a bit frustrating. Shortly after we had redfish pushing all around us but they were very spooky and unwilling to cooperate. We stuck to it and he eventually stuck a nice slot 24 inch redfish. We then made our way into the creek and was greeted by a bunch of kayakers. We spent the remainder of the day inside that creek working to find fish. We found where the trout were sitting and easily caught his limit and then some. Snook were a bit harder to come by and we only landed three. He pulled out a decent little snook at the last minute to complete his slam. Funny how one day every cast is a snook and the next time they are unwilling to cooperate. Looking forward to my next fishing trip!

This Trip's Catch

Spotted Seatrout