Corporate Trip

Posted December 02, 2018

So we had a 4 boat, 15 people trip and it was quiet interesting. It ended up being just 10 people so fishing was a lot easier. We split up the group and headed out into different directions with a pot in mind. Whoever catches the most fish wins. As my 2 man group got to our first spot I saw a couple of tails and flashes so we stopped, I tasted the water and it was fresh, maybe a 3 out of 35 rating and tide just started to head out. We caught a couple sheep head and a small red so we headed to second spot – salt level was better 15 out of 35, good tide – caught 4 limits of black drum, lost a nice red, caught a good red and no specks. Oh and a striper bass who knew. lol Caught 60+ fish kept 20. Won the pot. Other boats caught specks, small reds, no drum.

This Trip's Catch

Black Drum
Spotted Seatrout
Striped Bass