Deep Dropping Success!

Posted January 23, 2020

During the winter months the conditions can be rough so we were grateful to have a nice sunny day during our 4 hour charter with a group of doctors. We had two couples aboard our 32’ Intrepid, Gale Force, some of which have never fished before! At Gale Force Fishing we welcome all experience levels and ages!

As soon as we got out of the Ft. Lauderdale Inlet and into calmer waters we put the spread out in hopes of catching a kingfish, wahoo, or tuna! As we started to reach the one hour mark of trolling with no bites we started to think of a new game plan. We were already near one of our bottoms spots, so we took advantage of our location and decided to drop for some black belly rose fish or as we like to call them, rosies!

We grabbed our 5 hook chicken rig, cut up some bonito for bait, and sent it down using our electric reel and RainShadow deep drop rod. Running long drifts, the goal was to get a fish on each hook.

On the first drop we knew the fish were biting because we could see the rod tip getting many little taps. As we started to bring the line up, it was hard to tell how many fish we had hooked until the rig got closer to the surface. The fish began to fight hard and the rod tip was bouncing. Once we could see color under the water we knew we had a fish on each hook. Not only did we have 4 rosies we even brought up a golden tile fish on our fifth and bottom hook! A fun surprise for everyone on board!

We finished that trip with several more drifts, collecting rosies for dinner before heading in. If you’re looking to do some deep sea fishing in the Pompano Beach area give Gale Force Fishing a call and we will be happy to put you on the fish for some Family Fun Fishing!

Captain Emily Gale and Captain Amanda Gale