Posted January 20, 2020

It was the first cast and within ten seconds the drag started to scream and the battle begun. About five minutes go by and instantly it’s gone. Next cast the drag starts to scream again, but this time Tyler battled the fish and won, but not after an exhausting fight. This Bonita did not give an inch and for over fifteen minutes the fish ripped out over three hundred yards of line every time Tyler had it close it would do it again. We were using a medium light action custom Ugly Stick rod with a Penn spin cast reel with twenty pound test. It didn’t matter, this fish had no interest in boarding Spear1up. Unfortunately for the Bonita, Tyler dug in and prevailed, and now he will be having sashimi tenderloins with a tia peanut sauce. Next up was Laell Garcy, within fifteen seconds she was hooked up with another drag screamer, but only seconds into the fight a ten foot tiger shark attacks her fish, which ended up getting off her line and darts away. But the tiger does a complete one eighty and lunged at the fish but missed. Then it was gone. That was as cool as it gets. For a second everyone was like, ” let’s catch the shark”, then remembering how hard the Bonita’s fight, skip that. A shark that size you don’t catch. You go for a longggg ass whooping. Getting back to it, Laell was on again and like a pro, she puts her fish into submission and lands it, but not without a good fight. The best part of the day was seeing Elena have the time of her life. She helped back down on Tyler’s fish as it almost spooled us twice. Ever since she got on Spear1up for the first time, she was destined to be a water baby. Tyler also brought his daughter, so having a family day with everyone was the cat’s meow. Watch for Laell Garcy post for some video and pics of the kids. Stayed tune for more pics tomorrow. We are diving the same spot with some students. The amount of life is unbelievable. I honestly have not seen this much diversity in a long time. If you are sick of the cold then what are you waiting for? Take three days or more, and get down here for some sun and all kinds of fun. Day one, we pick you up from RSW, by chopper, then fly to Naples where we take a stop to get some bacon. A hog hunt… then we head to the Ritz Beach or your choice of linen…(now obviously this is optional, and requires a worthy but healthy budget) then after lunch and a beer, we head to the pool for a scuba intro or refresher, then an intro spearfishing class. We will spend the rest of the day fishing and then finish the day with a sunset dive. Day two we will head out at eight am for a dive and catch a fish or ten,(it will completely depend on how long your arm can hold up. Most people can’t make.it past five big boys) then we have a few options. My favorite is we catch a helicopter to our alligator hunting camp and put you on any size gator you choose. And if the stars align we may be able to get Manny P. the famous spear hunter to guide your excursion. After the hunt, depending on your schedule, you can stay the night at the camp or fly back to Naples for a final morning of fishing. When you arrive at the Marina we will have a limo waiting…. then the inevitable happens. You are back to frozen.😉 I hope you enjoyed today’s journey aboard Spear1up with Naples Charters.

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