February Fishing Wiggins Pass Naples

Posted February 07, 2020

Reel 1 Up is the only fish and dive operation with over 20 years on the water in the Gulf of Mexico which is why we get the results. The bite over the last two weeks has been nothing short of stellar. Threadfin herring bait balls have been present in decent numbers close to shore out to five miles depending on tide. Typically most local reefs and wrecks have been holding bait and a good variety of fish ranging from reef and pelagic species. We have seen good numbers of large Bonita, Kings have been spotty, a good number of sharks and several species ranging from blacktips (landed a 7ft 130lb) Tiger (600lb) lots of baby blacktips, cobia and plenty of Jack Cravell and a mixed bag of reef fish. Things should hold steady as long as the water temps stay consistent and the bait stays around.

This Trip's Catch

Jack Crevalle
King Mackerel
Little Tunny (False Albacore)
Mangrove Snapper
Red Grouper
Spanish Mackerel