Great Action on a Four Hour Winter Fishing Trip!

Posted December 01, 2019

Today we had an excellent trip out of Pompano Beach Florida with two brothers, Michael and Frank. We had a great time fishing on our Four Hour AM Trip. We started the morning trolling with two planar rods, two rigger baits, and one long shot out. Within the first hour Frank caught a dolphin on our short planar! Catching Mahi Mahi in the wintertime is always a nice surprise and a fun fish to reel in as they usually put on a show and jump out of the water! We continued to troll and found several schools of “hot” birds. As we did circles around the birds we doubled up on Blackfin tunas; Frank and Michael both were able to reel in tunas at the same time. After we caught several more tunas we decided to go deep dropping using our electric reel. We did three drops and each time caught an almaco jack. Both Frank and Michael were able to learn how to look for the bite and know when it was time to reel up their fish! It was a quick four hour trip with plenty of action and a variety of species.

If you’re looking to do some deep sea fishing in the Pompano Beach Lighthouse Point area give Gale Force Fishing a call and we will be happy to put you on the fish for some Family Fun Fishing!

Captain Emily Gale and Captain Amanda Gale

This Trip's Catch

Blackfin Tuna
Mahi Mahi