Harbor Is Lighting UP

Posted March 15, 2020

Great times on the water the past three days with old friends and clients. We caught it all; Spanish Mackerel, snapper, very large sea trout, lot of snook and Tripletail. We had one slow morning when the tide didn’t move until the afternoon, but otherwise, Charlotte Harbor is having a great bite! My Tripletail is a secret, but they are from the upper harbor to the coast. There is no shortage of large sea trout. The snook is biting well while staging for their summer spawn. Mangrove snapper is starting to show up in Charlotte Harbor for the same reasons. Redfish have been spotty in the upper harbor but on the coast, they are wrecking them. We are having one heck of a comeback since are red tide issues a couple of years ago. I forgot to add, we saw some Tarpon and Cobia. They are showing up in Charlotte Harbor; my client hooked up with a Cobia yesterday, but unfortunately, it spits the hook.

The Harbor is starting to light up with a multitude of fishes.

Tight lines,
Captain Scotty

This Trip's Catch

King Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel