Looking Forward to 2020

Posted January 24, 2020

Goliath, Looking forward to our 2020 Goliath season.

Last year at this time I was writing about “The First Goliath of 2019”.
My grandson wanted to take a couple of his football buddies out to catch a big fish.
I had always believed that the goliath went out deeper where the water was warmer and more stable.
Divers had been telling me they are still here just very lethargic. So, I rigged up an underwater camera and, sure enough, they are here.
Had a warm few days, the water got up close to 70 deg., took the boys out on January 2nd and got 2 Goliath to the boat.
1st time ever, I still can’t get over that day.

This winter I have not been out for Goliath, too many fronts with too much wind.
But I am looking forward to our 2020 season.

34 Goliath trips in 2019 and we managed to get 94 fish to the boat, that’s an average of 2.7 per trip. May and June were best with 55 fish to boat.
Being honest, we did have 2 days last year with no fish to the boat.
Always bites and a few hook-ups, but some days you just can’t get’em to the boat. It’s fishing.

Bucket List? Wanta’ check off that BIG fish?
Check your calendar and give me a call.
May and June will fill up quickly.

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