Grouper, Shark, Mackerel, and Sheepshead

Posted May 05, 2019

Grouper, Mackerel, Sheepshead, & Shark still keep hanging around the inner coastal. Atlantic Sharpnose Shark and Bonnetteheads are around every sandbar. Use cut mullet, Shrimp, and Sardines on a 5/0 to 8/0 hook. Mackerel are off the grass flats and through the bridge passes. You can use a shrimp with a small split shot on a longshank 2/0 hook. You can also troll with spoons and the old McDonalds straw…works everytime.
We are experiencing good numbers of GAG Grouper near the bridge structure, passes, and just off the deeper shipping channels. Use a Carolina rig, 3/4oz wieght and a 4/0 circle hook with live sand perch, sardines, or shrimp, you can’t miss!

Still crushing the Sheepshead next to any concrete piling from bridges and about 20 feet off the structure where the bridge concrete meets the sand for the bigger ones. Shrimp and fidler crab all day long! TIGHT LINES & CATCH’M UP!

This Trip's Catch

Spanish Mackerel