October Central Florida Bass Fishing Report & Forecast

Posted October 17, 2019

One of the best and most accurate memes I’ve seen online the last few weeks goes something like this: “It’s almost fall in Florida and you know what that means? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. It’s still Florida and it’s hot.” Considering it’s 91 outside as I sit under the fans on the lanai writing this I couldn’t agree more.

Although we’ve had a scare with Hurricane Dorian and there is some activity in the tropics the Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting a drier and warmer month. Let’s hope it’s not drought-type dry because that can have some adverse effects for the big lakes. The smaller, deeper, spring-fed lakes won’t feel the pressure.

So let’s get to the fishing in these conditions and start on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes fishing out of Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge, Marina, and RV Resort. The water is falling slightly but the river is flooded so bad south of the Hwy 60 lock that there is not a lot of room downstream to store much more. That being said keep your fingers crossed that they don’t drop the lakes too much. As it stands there is an awesome morning topwater bite in scattered pockets around pads and kissimmee grass, as well as out in open water over shell beds, eel grass, and contour breaks. This is the time to throw your favorite black and gold Devil’s Horse, Spook, or any other bigger profile topwater including bigger Pop’Rs. Once the sun gets up high, and depending upon wind or cloud cover that game will end and it’s time to switch to swimjigs and Gambler EZ Swimmers. Flipping junebug or black & blue senkos is always a safe bet around pads, outside grass lines, or holes in the hydrilla.

Moving back to Winter Haven and the South Chain I don’t really expect to feel too many effects from the weather. Many of these lakes are insulated from pattern changes because they have deeper water, deeper vegatation, and are spring fed. All of that means you may not always bust them up top but they are always there and you can find fish actively feeding. Now to clarify, I will still have a Pop-R or Jumpin’ Minnow tied-on every single trip out no matter what. I will also have my usual arsenal of flukes, 1/4oz jig heads and smaller swimbaits, both shallow and mid-depth crankbaits, and more than likely a jerkbait or two. Here, I’m 99% sure to have all of these in more natural colors in the white/pearl, watermelon reds, chrome/black back families.

This Trip's Catch

Largemouth Bass