Pre Season Report

Posted February 15, 2019

Its no secret on how INSANE the walleye bite on the Western Basin of Lake Erie was during the 2018 season. It was just a short time ago that although Erie waters were plentiful with walleye they were all undersized fish. It was a struggle and sometimes frustrating as a captain to catch 100 walleye and to have to throw them all back for not hitting that 15″ mark that makes it a legal fish to harvest. Well guess what? All them walleye finally grew up last year and Lake Eire exploded with an unbelievable walleye bite, reminding everybody that Lake Erie is still the #1 fishing destination for walleye. With fish averaging from 16″ – 32″ last year, its sure to be another banner year for the 2019 season and for years to come. Now with the walleye bite as good as it was would think the yellow perch (Lake Erie Gold) bite would be incredible as well right? WRONG, the yellow perch bite last year on the Western Basin was horrible to say the least. We here at Impulse Sort Fishing LLC had one good trip for perch last year and then it died off horribly for the rest of the season. Ended up calling clients up that were booked to come and perch fish with us last year (2018 season) to let them know what was going on and just ended up going out for walleye instead. We are really hoping the perch bite is 100% better this season then it was last season cause we love perch fishing almost as much as we love walleye fishing. Anyway that’s a recap of our season from last year and for what we are expecting to be a repeat walleye season and hoping for a much better year for perch fishing during the vastly approaching 2019 Lake Erie open water fishing season. We are getting cabin fever pretty bad and are getting antsy to pull Impulse out of storage, get her back in the water and get the 2019 season underway. We look forward to fishing with you this season and thank you for considering us here at Impulse Sport Fishing LLC

This Trip's Catch

Yellow Perch