Sailfish season

Posted September 20, 2018

Sailfish season is on its way! Summers hot weather is beginning to cool off, the north winds will push the sailfish to our area! Catching a leaping tail walking sailfish is an anglers dream!
The abundance of bait fish in our area brings and holds the sailfish in Islamorada. Live bait kite-fishing or slow trolling produce a great bite. As the not so cold fronts (70degrees at night on average) arrive the fish move to the areas much closer to land. The bait fish swarm the reef area then the pelagic’s come from the deeper waters to feed on the abundant baitfish schools. Catching fresh live bait is a must on every trip! As winter waters can be choppy the Sport-fish boats excel in providing a dry stable platform to fish from. Kite fishing when conditions permit allows you to watch the fish bite. Nothing is more exciting than backing down on a sailfish! Another huge advantage is a tuna tower to sight fish for sailfish. The sailfish will move into shallower waters to feed on baitfish schools. Imagine casting a live bait to a sailfish within 30 ft of the boat as the fish is chasing bait fish. The captain riding in the tower spotting the sail and the mate and anglers casting live baits directly to the feeding sailfish! The most exciting fishing there is!

Thank You Very Much, Captain Larry Wren