Slay Fest

Posted November 20, 2019

What an amazing day with Dave, Bill and Brad from Minnesota. Pick up was at 10:30. I started the fishing solo targeting trout. I caught 10 and then went to look for bait. For the next hour and a half I did not see one bait. I decided to run back and check again. To my luck I found them. Half dozen casts and I was loaded with bait. Now the wind was ripping with white caps in the bay and me in a flats boat. To make matters more complicated is that I don’t have high speed pickup for my live well nor will my live well pump work when running. Luckily I have a bubbler. Needless to say I would run for 15 mins, stop and dump 3 or 4 buckets of water in rough ass conditions. Had to do that 4 times on my way back to the ramp just to be sure my bait will survive. Picked up my guys and headed straight for my honey hole. 10 plus reds, 20 plus snook, big jacks and 5 trout from 20 to 23 inches. Biggest red 33 1/2, biggest snook 34 and biggest trout 23 1/2. Giving us a 91 inch slam! Another awesome day of bagging fish!

This Trip's Catch

Jack Crevalle