St. Lucie River

Posted June 04, 2020

With all the rain we’ve been experiencing here in Fort Pierce, the water in the north end of the St. Lucie River in White City has been flowing greatly. This makes the snook, Tarpon and Largemouth Bass congregate in certain side creeks from the main channel to feed on bait passing by in the main channel. In a good day, you are able to land 40+ fish. Most of these fish are very small, but are excellent targets for a fly rod and light tackle. It is certainly quantity over quality. However, the scenery alone of the St Lucie makes the trip. Beautiful overhanging trees, seclusion from other boaters, Tarpon rolling along the edges of the channels… it’s a wonderful, gorgeous place to fish. Perfect for anglers looking to learn a little about the art of fly fishing.

This Trip's Catch

Largemouth Bass