Summer Fun!

Posted May 14, 2019

I had the opportunity to take Jack and his son Alex out with me. Jack fished with me last weekend as well with his eldest son Wes. Needless to say we had such a good day that he booked me a second time. The first trip we just threw artificial and did well but I knew it could be better. I had the guys meet me early that morning. I told them that we could do well throwing artificial, but I wanted to attempt to net bait. I knew if we could, then fishing would be great. Well it took about an hour, but I managed to net a days worth of bait. We hit the first spot and got ahead of the regular guides who plague those flats. Quickly we found fish. Took a little time to get them to eat. Basically we had to wait for the tide to start moving. Once it did we landed two over slot redfish and a few snook. Early bird gets the worm. After too many boats kept running over the fish without a clue, I push back into this shallow pocket and found the reds again we landed two more reds and a few small snook. When that was beat we tried another spot with no luck. I had one more spot to check. I had read my fishing notes for this time last year and headed to a spot where I found an abundance of over slot reds. Once we got there it looked desolate but I had a feeling they were there and sure enough they were. We landed 6 more stud reds. We left them chewing and allowed another guide to slide in. He had young kids on the boat and they deserved to catch some beautiful reds as well.

This Trip's Catch